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A New Purpose
The world of Azeroth finds itself in the peculiar position of being able to take a breath.  The threat from the Black Gate has been forestalled; the Sunwell is purified; the Lich King has fallen.  For the first time in many years, the Alliance may taste a moment's respite.

However, vigilance cannot be abandoned.  The havoc that has been wreaked on Azeroth comes from one source, and one source only: the Burning Legion of Sargeras, the traitor Titan and prime demon.  Now that the Legion is surely reeling from its many defeats, the time has come to push them back out of our beloved world.

To that purpose, Zacherias Felbane, respected demonslayer and Templar of the Argent Dawn, has been given a mission: to assemble a force of elite fighters, craftsmen, and researchers to purge this contamination once and for all...
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New Website!

JeremiasAuromere, Sep 25, 10 2:46 PM.
Ladies and gents, I am moving the content of this site (with editing) to the Potatoweaver Trade Coalition site.  It will be significantly easier for me to manage one site rather than two--but even more so, easier for folks to track only one site.

The new site is located at, so please apply for membership there!

A new book for the Library!

JeremiasAuromere, Jul 20, 10 1:54 PM.
Folks, I'm going to move the "Duskwood Activity" text to the Library section of the site on Saturday.  If you have anything you'd like to add to the collection--such as your character's journal entries or notes--please do before then.  Everything in that forum will be put into a single book titled "The Worgen of Duskwood".

The First Initiation Ceremony

JeremiasAuromere, Jun 20, 10 3:41 PM.
On the fifteenth of June, we held our first initiation ceremony.  Taking the Felbane Oath were Drikner, Fima, Archbald Marrin, Orsa Minorre, Areliah Walker, and Winterbell.  The Felbane Irregulars are proud to have them!
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